Annual spring technical inspections

In connection with the annual spring technical inspections of the company's hydraulic facilities, functional testing will be conducted with actual release of water quantities through the outlet facilities of Tsankov Kamak and Krichim dams.

Testing through the two main outlets of Tsankov Kamak Dam will be carried out on 2 April 2024 and testing through the main outlet of Krichim Dam, as well as through the three spillways, will be carried out on 9 April 2024.

The functional tests are aimed at checking the technical condition of the overflow gates. All actions are professionally carried out by specialists of the NEK Enterprise Dams and Cascades in compliance with the "Regulation on the conditions and procedure for the technical and safe operation of the dams and their facilities, as well as the control of their technical condition".

All relevant institutions have been informed accordingly in advance.

06 DJI 0038

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