Guarantees of Origin

The renewable electricity production places NEK EAD among the leaders by number of acquired Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from the green energy output. Their acquisition stimulates production of green energy and contributes to the environmental protection.

General information on the guarantees of origin

Motivated by a growing sense of urgency to undertake measures to combat climate change, the business and the consumers are getting more and more demanding in respect of the origin of the electricity they consume.

A Guarantee of Origin is an electronic document that proves to a final customer that a quantity of electricity originated from a specific renewable energy source.

European companies report a strong increase in the demand for green electricity. A Guarantee of Origin certifies the origin of the electricity by providing relevant details related to the specific technology used to generate the electricity and the geographic location of the production device.

GO trading scheme

The amendments to the Act on renewable energy sources of May 2018 make it possible for RES producers to transfer GOs to third parties, irrespective of the energy deals. This gives the option to end customers to acquire such GOs as evidence that all or part of the electricity they have purchased was produced from renewable electrical energy. GOs can be transferred to consumers in other countries.

  • NEK EAD is the owner of renewable electricity generation plants, with a total installed capacity of 2737 MW.
  • Every month the Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) issues to NEK EAD a Guarantee of Origin representing 1 megawatt-hour of electricity produced that is valid for a term of 12 months of the generation of the respective unit of energy.
  • NEK EAD does not receive any support from the state (i.e. feed-in tariff or purchase obligation) for the electricity generated from HPP owned by NEK EAD.